CPR Fund K9 Rescue

Our Mission

Over the years, our mission and purpose has remained strong: Save adoptable pets from euthanasia.

Since our inception in 2002, we have rescued over 2,000 animals who would've lost their lives to an unfair system. We promote community outreach and education, we navigate through all we do with empathy and kindness, and we're proud of our tenacity for saving animals from a cruel world that didn't give these pets a chance.

All of our rescues receive the best veterinary care available and are placed in loving foster homes until their forever families are found. While in foster care, CPR Fund's rescues are enriched through training, socialization, and manners. This regimen may seem a little too demanding for dogs that are often scared, confused, and previously abused or neglected - but the reality is, all this training improves their confidence! And it makes the eventual transition to their forever home much less stressful for both the dog and owner.

Our Story

We give discarded dogs the chance they deserve.

CPR Fund, a 501c3 non-profit organization, was born from a deep compassion for animals that the world had turned away, and a strong commitment to put an end to the needless euthanasia of animals who could've been adopted if they'd only been given a chance. Steph Pocius, a Paramedic, created and founded CPR Fund in 2002, with a small group of EMTs and paramedics. 

From this compassion and through a strong team of volunteers, grew a successful program in the Chicago area and beyond. Our all-volunteer network of administrative personnel, transporters, event planners, grant writers, designers, donors, dog-trainers, and foster families works tirelessly to decrease the euthanasia rate. We're proud of our unsinkable care and commitment, and we remain an organization that's guided by empathy, innovation, and genuine love for what the world has labeled 'misfit dogs'.


2023 Donation Goal: $10,000

$1,675 Raised